Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Year- New Beginnings

New Blog! Hey everyone- features my artwork, studios, travels and inspirations, but my other interest-passion-life goal is collecting, creating and cultivating something GREEN. New Jersey is the Garden State- and don't you forget it.

The lines are so very blurred in my interests: farming, food, nature, gardening, art, sustainable design, history, folk art. My ideas often touch on one or more of these subjects at a time, and whenever something comes full circle- it's darn good because that's how nature works. I mean- paint is pretty much made out of dirt.

I have so many ideas, especially for this Spring & Summer. I'm preparing for an overhaul on the garden and I'm going to be teaching at a local farm. This journal will help me organize my ideas so they may *germinate* and motivate me to complete personal projects. I hope you will be inspired to begin or continue your own projects.